Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of “Islamic Nuclear Bomb” Dies at 85



Who knows that this Sunday the sun will rise with the news that will shock the whole nation, Dr. A.Q Khan has left us all for his heavenly abode, as per sources he was admitted to the hospital where his health deteriorated early morning. Sources said that he died after being transferred to a hospital with lung problems. He was given a state funeral at Faisal Mosque before being laid to rest at the H-8 graveyard in Islamabad.

Dr. A.Q Khan was born in 1936 in Bhopal, British India, he had immigrated along with his family to Pakistan in 1947 after the partition of the subcontinent.

He had a degree in science from Karachi University in 1960, then he went to study metallurgical engineering in Berlin, and later he completed his advanced studies.

He was awarded the Nishan-i- Imtiaz for the services he rendered to the country


After learning that the rival country India, had done the nuclear test ‘Smiling Buddha’ in 1974, Dr. A.Q Khan joined his nation’s clandestine efforts to develop atomic weapons where several greats were already working on making the country a Nuclear-Armed state, it was that moment when he founded the Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) in 1976 and performed his duty both as to its chief scientist and director for many years.

Surely he was one of the most genius minds and most patriotic people this very land has ever produced.

still today the whole world seems amazed and not able to solve the riddle that how a country like Pakistan who was not economically strong and not technologically advanced can create a nuclear deterrence to counter the much larger enemy on its eastern border, even when “WORLD POWERS” was against Pakistan.

It was a part of a great plan formed by the genius and patriotic persons behind Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme to turn all the impossible into the possible.

“28th of May 1998 – A DAY TO PROUD UPON”  

After India had done its second nuclear test named POKHRAN-II on 11 and 13 May 1998, that was the time to reveal to the world the hard work and planning based over almost 2 decades done by genius minds behind Pakistan Nuclear Programme, the government has decided to answer the Indian test by doing country’s first Nuclear test named Chaghi – I.

It is not hidden and many believe that Pakistan may have had an atomic device long before in 1977 also Pakistan had successfully conducted a COLD-TEST of its first atomic bomb in 1983.


Being the nation’s first engineering newspaper THE ENGINEER NEWSPAPER have the privilege to meet this great National Icon many times and have many talks with him, from the Founder of THE ENGINEER Late. Mr. Rehman Akhtar, former editor late. Mr. Rehman Nasir to me we all met Dr. A.Q Khan on different occasions, I still remember when the first time I met him in the IEP building in Karachi in December 2012, at that time I was 19 years old, he was a chief guest of that event, I found him such a ground to earth person with a very polite nature, he said to me “WE HAD DONE OUR JOB FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY NOW ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, THE YOUTH OF THE COUNTRY TO CARRY ON OUR LEGACY TO SERVE THE NATION, TAKE CARE OF IT AT ALL COST”, I have no doubt in that Dr. A.Q Khan is a definition of patriotism.

What more a one could say or write about him no words can describe what he has done for the country, surely this day shall be remembered for always and this country shall never forget him, we are in debited to him.

May ALLAH grant him the highest rank in Jannah Ameen.