Pakistan Navy successfully test-fires missile in Arabian Sea


The Pakistan Navy successfully test-fired a missile capable of hitting targets from sea to sea as well as sea to surface, according to a Navy spokesperson.

The locally developed missile was tested from “Fast Attack Craft” in northern Arabian Sea, and it successfully hit its intended on-land target, the spokesperson said.

“This test is a testimony of Pakistan’s proficiency with high-tech weaponry and Pakistan Navy’s operational capability,” he said, adding that it also “is a clear manifestation of the government’s resolve to achieve self reliance in this field”.

Vice Chief of the Naval Staff Vice Admiral, Kaleem Shaukat, observed the test-firing from PNS Moawin and expressed his satisfaction with the operational preparations of the Nave’s fleet.

The Vice Chief of the Naval Staff reaffirmed “the resolve of Pakistan Navy to ensure seaward defence and safeguard national maritime interests at all costs”.

He also acknowledged the services of engineers and researchers that played a role in the success of the missile system, the Navy spokesperson added.